How it Works

Training programmes commence with an analysis and update of the language level and needs of each client to identify specific areas of weakness and interest. This ensures that Barbara can deliver a totally personalised and carefully tailored training programme. 

Throughout each lesson there is error correction and explanations both verbally and via chat, file sharing and whiteboard (if using Zoom). 

Barbara recommends using a number of preferred workbooks which are available for clients to purchase via Amazon.  These books are supplemented with material from her own extensive library of business English books, internet teaching and news sources. 

The dates and times of the lessons are flexible, depending on individual schedules and the typical lesson length  is between 1 to 1 ½ hours.  The focus is usually on grammar and speaking activities, often to prepare for key business situations such as presentations or seminars.

This training, delivered by Barbara Wilmot in a one-to-one format, either face-to-face or via Zoom, is particularly effective for high level senior executives for whom English is not the native language.


By the end of an agreed programme of English training with Barbara Wilmot, clients are better able to understand and address their own language problems. They are also able to speak more naturally with greater confidence and accuracy, using enhanced and more active vocabulary.