Developing Personal Career Potential 

Developing Personal Career Potential   

People often find themselves in a job they can do, but not one that they enjoy. Research has shown, however, that if we enjoy the work we do, we will perform better and achieve greater success. That’s why applying for and securing the right role is so important. 

This course aims to help you understand and explore how you like to work and what types of roles and ways of working suit you best. This course will also give you the confidence and skills necessary for attending and succeeding in that all important job interview.  

To help you make the right personal career choices, the Margerison-McCann Team Management Profile may be employed. This is a highly respected psychometric profiling system that has been providing a framework for developing personal potential and energising teams for over 20 years. 


On completion, delegates have gained:

  • Up-to-date and edited CVs in the latest style
  • Awareness of individual strengths, preferences and areas for development
  • Greater confidence in handling tricky interview questions 


You and your job role:

  • Reasons for changing jobs and challenges being faced
  • Exploring how you like to work and which roles suit you best
  • Valuing difference and building trust in colleagues who do thing in a different way 

Securing an interview:

  • How to make the most of your CV or applications to help you secure job interviews
  • Preparing yourself for the interview
  • How to use the time before the interview as productively as possible 

Interview tips:

  • How to handle the day of the interview and what to do and not do
  • Possible interview questions (e.g. those based on competencies)
  • Preparing answers for key questions, plus questions you should and should not ask  

The Team Management Profile (TMP):

  • History and development of the Team Management Profile
  • Framework for different types of work
  • Concept of preferences at work
  • TMP questionnaire and how roles are identified
  • Content of the Team Management Profile reports 

Please note:

Individual TMP profile reports or team analyses are not automatically produced for this course. These can be commissioned as the catalyst for more personal and specific analysis and coaching in subsequent one-to-one or team sessions.