Negotiating the Best Solution

Achieving a Beneficial Outcome for You and Your Clients
Negotiation doesn’t only happen in sales situations. There are many occasions when we need to persuade and influence others to achieve a mutually beneficial result.  This course is aimed at all levels of agency and client-side executives who need to reach agreement in many different business situations, from extending deadlines and limiting questionnaire length through to agreeing project fees etc. This course will also benefit operations team members whose role requires them to negotiate regularly with internal clients.  

On completion, delegates have a practical understanding of:

  • The dynamics of business relationships with external clients and internal stakeholders and how these impact the negotiation process
  • A step by step guide to negotiating the best solution and how to implement this
  • The impact of communications – written, verbal and non-verbal - in the negotiation process

Negotiation partners and our relationships with them:

  • Setting the scene for negotiating
  • Exploring the dynamics of business relationships
  • Profiling negotiation partners (strategic planning) 

The impact of communications:

  • The language of negotiation and communication signals
  • Creating a positive environment for negotiation
  • Communications essentials 

Influencing styles and strategies:

  • Different influencing styles (Push versus Pull) and strategies
  • High context versus low context negotiators
  • Effective questioning and active listening: the Advocacy and Enquiry Approach
  • Strategies for dealing with conflict and difficult negotiators 

The essential elements of negotiation:

  • Defining and preparing for negotiation
  • Negotiation problem solving - role play
  • Negotiation profile analysis